Thematic Development Release

This is the latest stable devlopment release.

Download: Thematic Theme Framework (3271)

What’s new in Thematic 0.9.8

  • Added: Thematic Compatible Comment Handling comment to sample child theme functions.php.
  • Added: Thematic Compatible Comment Handling to full page template.
  • Added: New filter thematic_open_id_content.
  • Added: $content_width defines the max image width.
  • Added: Farsi language files. Credits: Ehsan
  • Changed: Removed changelog.html in favor of the new readme.txt.
  • Fixed: An E_NOTICE in dynamic_classes.php (occured while displaying a 404 page). Credits: markauk
  • Fixed: childtheme_override_content_init() is now working.
  • Fixed: Updated Brazilian Portuguese language files. Credits: Eduardo Zulian.
  • Fixed: Removed sidebar-subsidiary.php. Code is created using action hooks.
  • Fixed: The override part of some more functions.
  • Fixed: Set Thematic filter thematic_page_menu_args for thematic_page_menu_args().
  • Fixed: Removed thematic_page_menu_args() filter of wp_page_menu_args.
  • Fixed: Reinstated thematic_nav_menu filter.
  • Fixed: Undefined variable $redirect in thmfooter_login_link() from shortcodes.php.
  • Fixed: The override part of a few functions creating the header missed the add_action part.